Alper Kekeç


Alper Kekeç

Alper Kekeç was born on Feb. 15, 1975, in Istanbul, Bakirkoy. He moved with his family to Trakya (northwest Turkey) and lived there until he was 18. After high school, he moved to Izmir. He was first introduced to music at a young age when he played Baglama (Turkish folk guitar) after studying mandolin at school. In 1995, he entered the conservatory of Ege University and studied “tar” (Azerbaijani folk guitar). After a while, he was introduced to percussion and continued his music career with rhythm instruments. He has recorded two albums with the band “Umuda Ezgi.” He has played percussion and drums in many styles of music and recorded many albums. He has played almost all folk music singers in Turkey. In 2004, he was admitted to the West African Department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Last year he started recording his solo album and completed it. Now he teaches percussion at the Rotterdam and Amsterdam Conservatory and continues to work as a concert musician. Alper plays: darbuka (cup drums), double-headed drum, frame drum, cajon, riqq, djembe, drum kit, lavta (lute), baglama + vocals.

He played with the Holland Symfonia Orchestra, Metrepole Orchestra, Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Concertgebouw Orchestra and many more.

He is still active with Drums United and Artvark


  • Studio recordings with various Dutch musicians
  • Studio recordings with Drums United (2 albums produced)
  • Album released with Erkan Ogur and Axe ensemble MedCezir
  • Album released Seyri Alem with Martin Fondse. Eric van der Westen. Derya Turkan
  • Studio recordings (e.g., “World Children’s Festival,” “CompoKids Project”)
  • Recording album with Netherlands Wind Ensemble