Concert in the Shape of a Pear

Concert in the shape of a pear is a show about the life of composer Erik Satie, master of absurdism but also master of the most intimate, sensitive music. With his antagonistic quirkiness, Satie was the hero of young composers and artists in Paris around 1900. For instance, he worked with painter Pablo Picasso and with Sergei Diaghilev, founder of the Ballets Russes. Creative minds supported each other with their ideas and activities.

The NBE wants to revive this dynamic in a performance in the spirit of Satie, with the eyes and ears of contemporary artists. For instance, Satie’s music has been adapted by composers such as Micha Hamel and Vincent van Warmerdam. Also the show features absurdistic film footage. A typical NBE programme, with beautiful musical arrangements, film, texts, lots of ‘on the wrong foot’ and beaucoup d’humour.

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