New Year’s Concert 2023


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Wijzig keuze

The Nederlands Blazers Ensemble’s New Year’s concerts have become as inseparable from New Year’s Day as ski jumping and the Viennese Waltz. It’s a surprising musical party with unexpected guests from all over the world, extraordinary stories and new compositions from young composers.


Within the theme of smartlap (Dutch for tearjerker), the NBE takes you on a stimulating, moving and surprising performance. From Bach to Tante Leen and from the Amsterdam pub to spirited Naples. Together with guests from different theatrical disciplines and cultures, the NBE presents a special visual and listening experience, full of hope, inspiration, comfort and coming together.


As at every New Years’s concert the winners of the NBE composition competition – for young people aged up to 18 – will be given the stage to perform their own composition together with the musicians of the NBE. These three talented young composers (or duos) will soon be performing in the Concertgebouw: Linde Geboers, Laimis Jofre & Job Reijnhart and Lucas Bakker.


Both the Dress rehearsal on 31 December and both concerts on January 1st were sold out very quickly. Good news for everyone who was not able to purchase tickets:
BNNVARA will broadcast the New Year’s Concert on Sunday January 1st at 18:45 on NPO 2.

“It’s hard to think of a nicer way to start off the New Year than with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble’s New Year’s Concert in the Concertgebouw. Every year it’s a cheerful group, although the melancholy and depth are never far away, and each time when it comes to an end, there’s the same lament: if only all people on earth were musicians, there would never be another war.” Het Parool (****)

when to see it
  • Sat 31 Dec 2022 15:00 Amsterdam Het Concertgebouw Sold out
  • Sun 01 Jan 2023 13:30 Amsterdam Het Concertgebouw Sold out
  • Sun 01 Jan 2023 16:30 Amsterdam Het Concertgebouw Sold out

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