Nieuwjaarsconcert 2025 (New Year’s Concert 2025)

photo:Peter Lodder

Traditionally, the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble heralds the new year with a grand, musical celebration from the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Featuring unexpected guests, the most beautiful musical tales from all corners of the globe, and of course, this year’s young winners of the composition competition. A sensory-stimulating performance offering fellowship, hope, solace, and inspiration.

Also this year, the New Year’s concert on January 1st will be broadcast on television by BNNVara.

Ticket sales will start in early November. Keep an eye on our newsletter, as we will also announce the presale there.

Feedback from our audience last year:

“What a beautiful, magnificent New Year’s concert… The performance of the piece ‘Haydar, Haydar’ by Cicek really transported me. I put everything else aside afterwards. The interplay between the flutist and the drummer touched an emotion that far surpasses an intense lived emotion. They took you to the creation of a new story.”

“Touchingly beautiful NBE New Year’s concert yesterday, with music from all corners of the world and for (almost) all ages. What a nice start to the new year!”

“It’s nice to find connection in music from all corners of the world, and to be able to pass that on to our 3 young children, especially now.”

“What a beautiful start to a new year, it was enchantingly beautiful. It was wonderful to have experienced this in the most beautiful concert hall.”

when to see it
  • Tue 31 Dec 2024 15:00 Amsterdam Het Concertgebouw
    The final rehearsal
  • Wed 01 Jan 2025 14:00 Amsterdam Het Concertgebouw
  • Wed 01 Jan 2025 17:00 Amsterdam Het Concertgebouw

Genesis (De Schepping) Festival Stroom

photo: Peter Lodder

“In the beginning there was nothing.  It is difficult to imagine that.  Everything that’s here now you must not allow to be here yet.  You.

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Genesis (De Schepping) – Nationaal Bomenmuseum Gimborn

photo: Marleen Annema

This year, the National Trees Museum Gimborn (Nationaal Bomenmuseum Gimborn) celebrates its 100th anniversary. To mark this milestone, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, together with Bart.

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Dag van de Vrede (International Day of Peace)

In 1981, the United Nations declared September 21 as the International Day of Peace with the aim of creating a worldwide day of ceasefire and.

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Het Paradijs (Paradise) – September Me festival

photo: Marleen Annema

This autumn, NBE and Bart Moeyaert will play Het Paradijs (Paradise) at the September Me music festival in Amersfoort. Every year September Me, the music.

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American Roots

photo: Peter Lodder

The NBE delves deep into the heart of American music. Together with Native American singer Charly Lowry, a musical talent and descendant of the Tuscarora,.

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De Zingende Strijkstok (The Singing Bow)

photo: Peter Lodder

De Zingende Strijkstok (The Singing Bow) is the sequel to the moving program Troubadours; the story of plucked string instruments from different corners of the.

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