PHIL 150 years

photo:Peter Lodder

The NBE looks back and plays highlights from all the many concerts it has given at PHIL in Haarlem. Classical masterpieces and music from faraway corners of the world, with great soloists like Vasile Nedea on accordion and Sinan Arat on ney.

But the NBE and PHIL also look to the future and commissioned upcoming composer Kate Moore to create a new composition especially for this anniversary. It was titled ‘Canticles for Creatures’ in which animals have their say in a changing world to which they just have to conform.


This concert is part of PHIL 150 years (PHIL 150 jaar), celebrating the theatre’s 150th anniversary. See the complete anniversary programme here.

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The Devil’s Advocate (De Duivelskunstenaar)

photo: Peter Lodder

After ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Charlie Chaplin’, the NBE presents the gripping, iconic silent film FAUST (1926) as a film of our time. The story.

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NBE meets De Paek

photo: Peter Lodder

The Netherlands Wind Ensemble has been a regular guest at PLT for years. Harmonie Sint Joseph, popularly known as De Paek, has a reputation to.

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