Rameau and the Greeks

Cretan ebullience and 17th century French beauty, hand in hand

One of the most important opera composers in history is the Frenchman Jean-Philippe Rameau: 35 operas! 35 operas, composed in the 17th century, and almost all with librettos based on Greek tragedies or comedies. The emotions, passion and tragedy of these classic stories were evidently an unprecedented source of inspiration for Rameau.  This was the reason for NBE to link a number of Rameau’s fabulous opera overtures to traditional Greek music, which is still relevant today and is played almost daily by young and old in villages and cities, on the mainland and on the islands. Our phenomenal guests are father and sons Giorgos, Nikos and Adonis Xylouris, tremendous heroes in Crete. Cretan traditional music is different from the music of the mainland. The rhythms are wilder and more unpredictable and the influence of the East is never far away. The laouto, the Cretan precursor of the guitar and the Lyra, a pear shaped, three-stringed instrument made from mulberry wood, both play an important role in Cretan music. The Lyra is held on the knee. The tones are formed by pushing the fingernail against the strings, rather than by pressing the strings onto the fret board. A viola da Gamba avant la letter…

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Netherlands Wind Ensemble meets the Xylouris Family

An unexpected meeting that bridges different cultures. The Dionysian energy of Cretan music, with all the freshness, talent and consummate technique of Giorgos Xylouris and.

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Concert in the Shape of a Pear

Concert in the shape of a pear is a show about the life of composer Erik Satie, master of absurdism but also master of the.

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New Year’s Concert 2023

photo: Peter Lodder

“It’s hard to think of a nicer way to start off the New Year than with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble’s New Year’s Concert in the.

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Naples, port city of overwhelming beauty on the Mediterranean Sea. At the foot of Mount Vesuvius, it has been bustling with emotion, fish, family, Gomorrah,.

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Genesis (“De Schepping”)

BART MOEYAERT AUTHOR, NARRATOR Genesis (“De Schepping”) is the first installment of the succesful musical trilogy created by the Netherlands Wind Ensemble based on three of.

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A new tradition in collaboration with Duda Paiva Company Vocals: Claron McFadden, Rick Zwart Arrangement: Arjan Linker in collaboration with local choirs

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