27-01-2019 t/m 07-02-2019

Harmony and symmetry are the necessary ingredients for beauty. In Symmetries, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble searches for the ultimate beauty, where passion and precision come together. On stage, a spectacular and imaginative meeting between dance, music, and images is engendered as dancers from a variety of disciplines inspire one another to ever-greater heights.

One of America’s greatest living composers, John Adams, wrote the piece Fearful Symmetries, which has been arranged especially for the full ensemble. This dynamic and rousing piece offers a regularity alongside exhilarating riffs and colourful big band fragments. Symmetries is a performance that carries you along to a world of terrifying beauty.


when to see it
  • Sun 27 Jan 2019 15.00 Utrecht TivolVredenburg Tickets
  • Wed 30 Jan 2019 20.00 Arnhem Musis Tickets
  • Thu 31 Jan 2019 20.15 Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ Sold out
  • Fri 01 Feb 2019 20.15 Leeuwarden De Harmonie Tickets
  • Sat 02 Feb 2019 20.30 Tilburg Theaters Tilburg Tickets
  • Sun 03 Feb 2019 15.00 Nijmegen De Vereeniging Tickets
  • Wed 06 Feb 2019 20.15 Haarlem Stadschouwburg Tickets
  • Thu 07 Feb 2019 20.15 Helmond Theater het Speelhuis Tickets

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