Turning East

photo:Hamidreza Shirmohammadi

Turning East: a brand-new, six-day festival in and by The Concertgebouw featuring music from the Middle East. The biggest stars from the Arabic, Kurdish and Persian world are coming to Amsterdam. From 20 – 25 November 2017, the entire Concertgebouw will focus on ‘exotic’ classical music, pop, jazz and combinations of those genres. All music will come from the enormous area covering everything from Morocco to Iran. And beyond.


The Caravan programme brings worlds together. East and West, classical, jazz and folk music. The Syrian oud virtuoso Jawa Manla, violin phenomenon Emmy Storms, percussion wizard Jeroen Batterink, pianist and composer Julian Schneemann and his father, oboe player Bart, embark on a journey together. Caravan is a plea for the power of diversity.

Bach meets Sufism: an intimate embrace

Just as Sufism appeals to unity and harmony and connects Eastern and Western ideas, this programme joins traditional Iranian music with our own Johann Sebastian Bach. Bart Schneemann is surrounded by his NBE and theorbo virtuoso David Mackor. Along with singer Haleh Seyfizadeh and tar player Ali Ghamsari, two young Iranian talents, they play and sing an Oriental Bach in an intimate embrace with classical, old and rich Persian music.

when to see it
  • Tue 21 Nov 2017 Amsterdam Het Concertgebouw Tickets
  • Sat 25 Nov 2017 Amsterdam Het Concertgebouw Sold out

PHIL 150 years

photo: Peter Lodder

The NBE looks back and plays highlights from all the many concerts it has given at PHIL in Haarlem. Classical masterpieces and music from faraway.

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International Day of Peace (Dag van de Vrede)

photo: Peter Lodder

Back in 1981, the United Nations declared September 21st the International Day of Peace with the aim of a worldwide day of truce and non-violence..

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American Roots

photo: Peter Lodder

Native American, Bluegrass banjo and Blues songs together with the NBE on stage. And of course music by Philip Glass. A programme in which America’s.

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Purcell goes celtic

photo: Peter Lodder

At first sight, the 18th-century British genius Henry Purcell, composer of fragile, gentle Baroque music, does not seem able to fuse with Irish Celtic music..

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New Year’s Concert 2024

photo: Peter Lodder

The Nederlands Wind Ensemble’s New Year’s concerts are as inseparable from New Year’s Day as ski jumping and the Viennese waltz. A surprising musical celebration,.

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