Old? (“Oud?”)



True to form, on 1 January the Netherlands Wind Ensemble once again transformed the Main Hall of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw in preparation for a stunning musical extravaganza. The winners of the annual ‘Road to the New Year’s Concert’ 2011 Young Composers’ Competition were joined on stage by musicians invited from all over the world. Together they presented a rich musical bouquet of surprising, intimate, exuberant, scintillating, infectious, touching and daring musical escapades. A musical adventure: who knows where it will end? The theme of the 2011 New Year’s Concert was: OLD?

The young long to reach adulthood, and adults all just want to be young again. What is ‘old’? When are we considered old, and by what or whom? Some people are born old, others stay young forever. Does old necessarily mean wise? Or old-fashioned? Should old things be cherished, or hidden away?

Soloists José Luis Fuentes Zarate ‘Coyoté’, Parwin Akhbari-Sahebdivani, The Piottos
Young composers Jan-Peter de Graaff, Doeshka Vrede, Arjen Schipper, Jabari York & Xavier York

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