The whim of the moment (“De waan van de dag”)



The whim of the moment
Today I have decided
to handle tomorrow yesterday
I’ll walk about in flared legged pants
my vermillion scalp no longer grey.
Yesterday I have decided
today’s for tomorrow to think about
I’ll put the now behind the blinds
and turn the seasons all around.
Yesterday! Ah! Then I was young
a rising star, now I’m old, run down
I wish I’d saved, I, the cricket
so he could lay down. I’d buy
him a walker, think of the past
rethink the future, when he still sang
the cricket that started an ant.
F. Starik

More than a hundred youths took part in the annual Young Composers as well as the Young Poets Contest. The winners came up with their own fresh interpretations of this years theme. They were assisted by Fons Merkies, Arnold Veeman, Hans Barkel and Marco C. de Bruin. The young poets were coached by F. Starik, Ilonka Verdurmen and Philip Huff.

Solists Hotel Modern, Fadia El-Hage
Young composers Jaap Ruben van der Bij, REVO (Bart Huskes, Sten Grondman, Jeppe Hellegers, Willem Siers), Zoé Dassaud & Mendel Vollaers, Casper Groep
Young poets Julie Droeghaag, Nikita van der Voort, Tyrone van Heeke, Danisha van den Berg, Maaike Smit & Fiona van den Berg

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