Auditions jongNBE 2024-2025

Auditions jongNBE 2024-2025

Sheet music audition:

Allegro from ‘Concerto for Strings’

The Chicken


There are vacancies opening up in the jongNBE! On Friday May 10th you can audition for (alt) saxophone, French horn, (bas) trombone and double bass / bass guitar. Applications can be send until Thursday April 25th the latest.

JongNBE is an initiative by the NBE (Netherlands Wind Ensemble), aimed at coaching and educating young, talented musicians from Dutch conservatories. Over a span of two years, ten musicians, whether they have already graduated or are still in the midst of their studies, have the opportunity to participate. During this period, they receive guidance from experienced musicians from the NBE.

Being a part of jongNBE provides young musicians with an incredible journey into ensemble playing, programming, and performance. Moreover, jongNBE serves as the incubator for future talent within the NBE.

The audition

During the audition you will play several pieces together with other auditionees. Two of these pieces can be prepared in advance and will be available to download from this website starting from April 30th. The other pieces will be provided on the audition day.  Additionally, every participant will perform a solo piece of their choice (unaccompanied) with a maximum duration of 2 minutes.

The audition day will be divided into two parts and you will be assigned to one daypart. Make sure you are available the entire day.


TIME 10:00-17:00


You could apply until Thursday April 25 via the form below.


More information?

Do you have any questions? You can contact Boelo de Smit (manager education) via