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Imagine that the men of the Dutch East and West Indies Companies, sailing home intoxicated with new impressions, would have found not the 17th-century Holland of psalms and church organs, but the Netherlands of today.

It would surely have driven them insane.

The things they had left behind in those exotic places would have been waiting for them on every street corner: the colours, smells, language and music of Indonesia, Surinam, the Antilles, Morocco, Turkey, Africa, the Americas, China, Japan…

In previous years, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble invited guests from other countries to feature in its New Year’s concerts. Many of these guests were famous, experienced musicians.

This year, we looked to the Netherlands itself, and to the many young talents from other countries and continents who can be found within our borders.

And so the New Year’s Concert 2002 is a programme of Dutch music— brown, yellow, black and white Dutch music—performed by the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and talented young guests from the vibrant mix of cultures that characterizes the Netherlands in the year 2002.

It’s something of a tradition that the New Year’s Concert also features works by budding composers from the very youngest generation. This year, eight boys and girls were chosen to take the spotlight with their own compositions.

Happy New Year!

Soloists Baider Khalaf Al-Basri, Niti-Ranjan Biswas, Just 4.U., Siddharth Kishna, Slobodan Trkulja
Young composers Kevin Kelly, Aafke Romeijn, Anouk Verboven & Tessa Verboven, Tom Smit, Marleen Pranger, Duco Burgers

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