Rare birds (“Vreemde Vogels”)



There is something exhilarating about people and things that are a little bit out of the ordinary. Whether they are different because they are from another culture, exceptional in their talents or exceptional within their limitations, these rare birds are an important part of what makes art art. Our featured guests – multitalented Czech violinist Iva Bittová, street musician and cittern-virtuoso Luc Arbogast, four art students from De Witte Olifant and asylum seekers Karwan Mustafa and Sinan Arat – are all living proof that it is possible to be different and yet make a difference with one’s talent.

As has become tradition, we also invited young composers to draw inspiration from this year’s theme. Our call resulted in 150 contributions of rare individuality. After an exciting competition with a thrilling finale at the Schouwburg in Almere, four winners were selected to perform with their fellow musicians and the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble at Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw. They are Pelle van Esch (age 10, from Gouda), Matthijs Stauttener (age 17, from Hoofddorp), Chantal Brunt (age 15, from Driezum) and the band Big Blind (from Sneek). In preparing to perform their compositions on stage with the NBE, they were assisted by Jelle Visser, Marco C. de Bruin en Fons Merkies.

Solists Iva Bittová (vocals, violin/viola ), Luc Arbogast (cistre), Karwan Mustafa, Sinan Arat
Young composers Pelle van Esch, Matthijs Stauttener, Chantal Brunt, Big Blind

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