One Says Love (“Men Zegt Liefde”)



‘I know a man who melted down all the gold in the Rhine and made a fortune that made him successful in the world. This was only possible because he had renounced love. Otherwise he might have thought of making it into a ring for his beloved, or wasting his precious time on a so-called romantic relationship with someone. But he refused to be distracted by any kind of compassion for other people. I knew another man who managed to cheat him out of his fortune, but then lost it all by giving in to sentimentality, handing it over to the very first profiteer who came along and took the object of his love hostage.’
Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer

What does love mean to you? Is love what you are searching for, or is it attention and power that you really want? Does love make you strong or weak, does it lift you up or make you bitter? Does really loving someone make such a nice person? We are all fascinated by what people do to each other in the name of love. So many composers have written such beautiful music about their experiences of love. What does love sound like to you?
This year, once again, the young composers set to work on the topic ‘One Says Love’. The four finalists were assisted in their arrangements by Jos van den Dungen, Frank van Nus, Fons Merkies and Marco C. de Bruin.

During the traditional New Year’s festivities, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble also officially launched the 2013 Wagner Year. During the concert, the young composers, guest performers and Netherlands Wind Ensemble all gave their interpretations of ‘One Says Love’. The Concertgebouw resounded with new, groundbreaking compositions and fresh arrangements, and most importantly: music and love.

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