Genesis (“De Schepping”)



Bart Moeyaert author, narrator

Bart Moeyaert’s ‘Genesis’ was commissioned by the Netherlands Wind Ensemble for their musical theatre production of the same name. The basis for the show was Haydn’s oratorio The Creation, in a never-before-heard arrangement for nine wind instruments by Josef Triebensee, a contemporary of Haydn’s. The Genesis CD was recorded by the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and Bart Moeyaert live before an audience on 24 May 2003, in the Waalse Kerk church in Amsterdam. The Genesis CD is a release by NBELIVE and Querido, in collaboration with VPRO Backstage.

‘The music is of grand and intimate beauty. The Ensemble play their “chamber-creation” with verve and nuance […] a magnificent combination of child-like wonderment and deep philosophy, of simultaneous humour and profundity.’
Klassieke Zaken magazine

‘A pseudo-Peter and the Wolf, but with a story about God and the world. […] Bart Moeyaert’s writing is a joy.’

‘We can but take off our hats to this “re-creation”… it is unparalleled.’
Focus Knack

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