‘IN G*D’S NAME!’ is a light-hearted concert with a serious nod to and inspired by Bosch, the anniversary of whose death will be widely celebrated in 2016. Bosch’s work contains nightmarish scenes with a message: ‘Live by the rules of God or it will end badly for you’.
Verdi’s famous opera ‘Don Carlos’ matches up seamlessly with this theme. The plot revolves around God, religious conflict, power and love. Don Carlos loses his heart to Elisabeth van Valois, the woman who had been promised to him in marriage. Yet Elisabeth marries his father, Philip II, who has his son thrown in prison. Carlos dies in 1568, a victim both of his love and of his fight for freedom of religion.
Incidentally, Philip II, who survived his son, was an important collector of the works of Bosch. Legend has it that the latter’s painting entitled ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ hung above the king’s bed.

Soloists Mohsen Namjoo (zang), Namgyal Lhamo (vocals, dranyen), Jawa Manla (vocals, ud), Shaza Manla (qanoun), Shailesh Bahoran (dance)
Young Composers Charley Harsema, Duco Akkerman & Maarten Feil, Marten Oosterhaven

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