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Aynur singer
Cem Yildiz baglama
Neva Özgand kemence

“It is like looking down from an airplane, and seeing the mountain ridges, the plains, the coastlines, the cities and the villages.” Kamran Ince

Turquoise features the Turkish-American composer Kamran Ince (1960) and the young, Turkish-Kurdish singer Aynur. Invited by the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble to adapt some of his more recent compositions, Ince joined them together into a kind of suite that is reminiscent of Ottoman court music in its succession of instrumental and vocal movements. A recurring element is the voice of Aynur, singing in her local vernacular. But Ince’s musical world extends far beyond the local, drawing on his own personal history of being born in the United States, moving to Turkey and then returning to the States as a student. Two other guest musicians are featured, both of them leading representatives of the contemporary music scene in Istanbul: Cem Yildiz, who plays the Baglama, and Neva Özgen, who plays the Kemençe.

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