Si Dolce



For centuries, troubadours have told stories, fables and fairy tales, recited poetry and sung ballads, holding up a mirror and presenting a message to mankind. On this first day of January of the year 2000, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and their guests perform for you as troubadours.
Together with American and Italian troubadours Loudon Wainwright III and Marco Beasley, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble players will carefully usher you into the new century, singing ancient songs for you to contemplate or daydream about. Thus prepared, you will be ready to face the next 1000 years.
The leitmotif of this concert is a troubadour song written especially for this occassion: “I walk, I drive, I fly, I surf”.
Other sublime lyrics are supplied by Gesualdo, Monteverdi and five fledgling composers who express in song what the world would look like in the new millennium if they could have their way.

Soloists Loudon Wainwright III (vocals, guitar), Marco Beasley (tenor), Guido Morini (organ, harpsichord), Luciano Granone (guitar)
Young composers Rhea Khoeblal, Channa Malkin, Jos Martens, Lieke Pullen, Pieter-Henk van Wijk

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